Sunday, May 29, 2016

American Registered LearJet 36A Bizjet N82GG Continues to Visit CQ - Noted at Rockhampton and Mackay Airports

Over the last couple of days, American registered and privately operated LearJet 36A bizjet N82GG has continued to operate out of Central Queensland Airports.

N82GG during a previous visit to Rockhampton Airport  (File photo)

As mentioned below, on Thursday 26 May, N82GG flew into Rockhampton Airport before it was later noted operating a survey flight out of back to Rocky.

On Friday 27 May, N82GG reportedly flew North from Rockhampton Airport to Cairns.  It was then noted operating a survey flight out of and back to Cairns on Saturday 28 May.

Then on Sunday 29 May, N82GG departed Cairns and was noted on the ground at Mackay Airport.  It has since departed Mackay for Sydney.

It has previously been noted that the LearJet has a camera on the forward-starboard side of the fuselage and that the aircraft is operating aerial mapping sorties for Nearmap - the international provider of high resolution aerial imagery.

Photo taken by Kayanne Hardsman  ©

Great Photos as US-Registered Gulfstream G-V-SP (G550) Bizjet N253DV as it Departs Hamilton Island Airport - Plus a Couple of Aussie Bizjets Visit!

We've received some great photos of the visiting American-registered G550 Aviation LLC (USA) Gulfstream Aerospace G-V-SP (G550) bizjet N253DV which touched down at Hamilton Island Airport from Sydney on Monday 23 May.

On Sunday 29 May, N253DV departed Hamo for Townsville and overseas.

Meanwhile, a couple of locally-based bizjets have visited Hamilton Island Airport over the last couple of days with Brisbane-based LearJet 60 VH-XPN of Avcair (Norris Aviation) touching down from Kununurra on Friday 27 May.  It remains parked at Hamo.

VH-XPN during a previous visit to Hamilton Island Airport  (File photo)

While Gulf Aircraft Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign bizjet VH-PYN is believed to have called in on Saturday 28 May.  It departed on Sunday 29 May.  Unfortunately the exact movements of VH-PYN are not known.

Finally, Regional Air's Piper PA-31-350 VH-RKD has operated a pair of return flights to Hamilton Island from their Mackay Airport base on Thursday 26 May and again on Saturday 28 May.  Regional Air is CQ's newest airline and they offer great special fares for locals to escape to the Whitsundays out of Mackay - check out their website:

All photos taken by 'AC'  ©

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Also at Hervey Bay Airport This Week - Multiple Visits by Becker Helicopter Bell 206 Helicopters on Training Flights

As we posted below, local plane spotter Ben M was on hand to capture some great photos of Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-SQY as it made a very brief visit to Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport on Thursday 26 May.

He also managed to capture a pair of Seair Pacific (Istlecote) Cessna 208 Caravans in the form of VH-LMD and VH-TQW - which is one of their more recent acquisitions.

Both looked to have completed flights to Lady Elliot Island with VH-LMD also noted flying between Hervey Bay and Bundaberg Airports.  It looks like VH-TQW had earlier flown up to Lady Eilliot Island from its Gold Coast base via Redcliffe.

Meanwhile, over the course of this last week, Hervey Bay (and Maryborough) Airports have both played host to as many as five Becker Helicopter Bell 206 helicopters all operating training flights from their Sunshine Coast Airport base.  From what I observed:

File photo

On Thursday 26 May VH-NXZ, VH-NV and VH-NXB visited.
On Wednesday 25 May VH-XJK, VH-NXC and VH-WCF visited.
On Tuesday 24 May VH-XJN, VH-XJQ and VH-NXB visited.
And on Saturday 21 May VH NXW, VH-NXZ, VH-WCJ, VH-WCF and VH-XJQ all visited in quick sucession!

Finally, a couple of other nice light General Aviation (GA) visitors to Hervey Bay Airport this week have included Brisbane-based Bishopp Aviation Mooney M20K VH-YRJ from Rockhampton and out to Archerfield on Thursday 26 May.  Pilatus PC-12/45 VH-PID visited from its Toowoomba base on Wednesday 25 May. And on Tuesday 24 May, Royal Queensland Aero Club Cessna 206 VH-NCR visited from Archerfield while Australian Wings Academy Diamond DA40-D visited from its Gold Coast base.

Photos taken by Ben May and Micah S  ©

Cirrus (Australia) (ex Singapore Flying College) Citation Mustang Bizjet VH-SQY at Hervey Bay and Gladstone Airports

A nice surprise visitor to both Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) and Gladstone Airports on Thursday 26 May with Cirrus (Australia) (of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales) (ex Singapore Flying College) Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-SQY calling in while seemingly on a training flight.

The little Mustang flew North from the Sunshine Coast and landed briefly at Hervey Bay Airport - without even opening the front door - before it departed to Gladstone.

It again landed briefly at Gladstone Airport before departing to Kingaroy.  After it looked to complete airwork around Kingaroy, VH-SQY returned to the Sunny Coast.

Flight tracking website Flightaware suggests that VH-SQY has had a busy couple of weeks, flying to ports all over Australia from Wagga Wagga and Melbourne (Essendon) Airports including as far as Kununurra in Western Australia.

Sincere thanks to both Col at Gladstone and Hervey Bay-based plane spotter Ben M for taking the time to capture and send through these awesome photos of a great little bizjet!

Photos taken by Ben May and Col  ©

Gulfstream IV VH-MBP "Envoy 40" Joins RAAF B737BBJ A36-002 and Alliance F-70 VH-JFB at Rockhampton Airport Thursday

On Thursday 26 May, Marcplan Charter Gulfstream G-IV-X (G450) VH-MBP touched down at Rockhampton Airport from Canberra as "Envoy 40".

File photos taken by 'IAD'  ©

Like its previous visit last week, VH-MBP seems to be chartered to ferry politicians around Australia during this Federal election campaign. It brought National Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to town to join Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the hustings.

VH-MBP departed Rocky for Mackay Airport around lunchtime.  It then flew South to Brisbane and then the Gold Coast during the middle of the afternoon.

UPDATE!  A slight correction to above with VH-MBP actually staying the night at Mackay Airport and departing direct to the Gold Coast early on Friday 27 May.

Meanwhile, after arriving late on Wednesday 25 May from Melbourne (see photos below that were posted earlier today) Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing B737-7DF(BBJ) A36-002 departed to Brisbane as "Envoy 43".

Likewise, Alliance Airlines Fokker F-70 also departed Rocky for Brisbane carrying the media pack as "Envoy 544".

One other RAAF movement of note into Rockhampton Airport on Thursday 26 May was Beech B350 Super King Air A32-426 which flew into Rocky from Canberra as "Boomer 21".

This is yet another RAAF Super King Air that has been noted using the "Boomer" callsign.  A32-426 eventually returned to Canberra.

Finally, a couple of other notable movements in and out of Rockhampton Airport on Thursday 26 May included the American-registered LearJet 36A bizjet N82GG which came back to town and operated a aerial survey flight out of and back to Rocky.  While Hopair Cessna 337E Skymaster VH-OIQ arrived into Rocky early from Cairns before operating a flight South where it completed an practice ILS approach and overshoot on Runway 10 at Gladstone Airport before it returned to Rockhampton.  It later departed home to Cairns.

Australian Army Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helicopter A15-201 Calls into Mackay and Gladstone Airports on Final Flight before Retirement

Making a surprise and certainly most welcome visit into both Mackay and Gladstone Airports on Thursday 26 May was Australian Army Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter A15-201.  It was spotted at Gladstone Airport by Col as it took on fuel.

A15-201 - which carries the name "Courage" - along with the nose art "Rough and Reddy" - is reportedly making its last flight before it is retired from service with the Army's 5th Aviation Regiment, C Squadron who are reportedly due to take delivery of more Boeing CH-47F ‘Foxtrot’ Chinook helicopters.


I believe that A15-201 departed to the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey as "Brahman 201".

Thanks mate!

All photos and video taken by Col  ©

Australian PM Turnbull Touches Down at Rockhampton Airport in RAAF B737BBJ A36-002 - And Alliance F-70 VH-JFB Arrives too!

As the sun was setting on Wednesday 25 May, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull jetted into Rockhampton Airport on board Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing B737-7DF(BBJ) A36-002.

It touched down from Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport as "Envoy 39".

A short time later, Alliance Airlines Fokker F-70 VH-JFB also touched down from Melbourne but as "Envoy 531".

VH-JFB (and fellow Alliance F-70 VH-JFE) have been contracted to carry the media press 'pack' that accompany the Federal leaders.

Both aircraft have stayed for the night.

I'm advised that both A36-002 and VH-JFB will be departing Rockhampton Airport in the early part of the afternoon on Thursday 26 May.

Meanwhile, Marcplan Charter Gulfstream G-IV-X (G450) VH-MBP is due to call into Rockhampton Airport again early on Thursday 26 May, flying in from Canberra as "Envoy 40".  It appears to be again being used to ferry politicians around the country.  It will depart to Mackay from Rocky around lunchtime.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter 'IAD' for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by 'IAD'  ©

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RAAF Super King Air A32-670 "Boomer 8" - Plus a RAAF KC-30 MRTT A39-001 - At Rockhampton Airport Wednesday

A couple of nice suprise arrivals into Rockhampton Airport during Wednesday 25 May included Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King A32-670 which flew in from Canberra using the radio callsign of "Boomer 8".

A32-670 at Rockhampton Airport  (File photo)

We haven't heard much of this callsign which is reportedly utilised by the RAAF 38 Squadron based out of Townsville Airport.

A32-670 "Boomer 8" departed Rocky for Townsville before being later noted returning South.

Meanwhile, as the Super King Air was visiting, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-001 performed a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport also on Wednesday 25 May.  It flew up from RAAF Base Amberley before continuing further North and completing missed approaches at Cairns and at Townsville.  It later returned to Amberley.

Aside from these two RAAF movements (and the movements later in the day - see ABOVE!!), there was also a couple of other interesting light General Aviation (GA) and a bizjet movement of note on Wednesday 25 May.

Very early in the morning, Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 bizjet N142GZ touched down from its Mackay base and later departed to Sydney.  It returned to Rocky from Sydney later in the day before returning 'home' to Mackay.

R-Mach Aviation's smart little Lancair 4 VH-XVP completed a flight to Archerfield and back while Sunshine Coast-based Bell 206 helicopter called in for fuel before departing to the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour.

VH-XVP at Rockhampton Airport  (File photo taken by 'IAD'  ©)

Over the course of Wednesday 25 May and Tuesday 24 May, locally-based Peace Aviation Beech A36 Bonanza VH-MMB completed two return flights to Clermont.  I believe it transported local Federal member Michelle Landry to my home town on Tuesday and then back on Wednesday.

File photo

And finally on Wednesday 25 May, the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) Raytheon B1900D VH-PSK also called into Rockhampton Airport during a busy day of flying which also included stops at Mackay Airport (twice), as well as Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.

McDermott Aviation Group / Machjet International Cessna S550 Citation SII Bizjet VH-JLU Visits Mackay and Gladstone Airports

On Wednesday 25 May, McDermott Aviation Group / Machjet International Cessna S550 Citation SII bizjet VH-JLU was noted visiting Mackay and Gladstone Airports.

VH-JLU on the ground at Gladstone Airport in 2014

It looked to initially fly North from the Sunshine Coast to Mackay before flying South to Gladstone.  It was later noted departing Gladstone Airport and returning to its Sunshine Coast base.

Meanwhile, as mentioned on our Facebook page, Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 bizjet N142GZ departed its Mackay Airport base for Rockhampton and then Sydney early on Wednesday 25 May.  It returned back to Mackay via Rocky later in the day.

File photo taken by Col  ©

Several Light GA Aircraft Operating Aerial Survey Flights out of Various CQ Airports

Over the last week or so, we've noted several light General Aviation (GA) aircraft operating around different parts of Central Queensland on various aerial survey flights.

Operating out of Gladstone Airport of late has been Australasian Jet (AusJet) Cessna 206 VH-KPG.  Flight tracking websites show that VH-KPG has operated several aerial survey flights around parts of CQ, in particular, surveying high-voltage power lines and infrastructure.

File photo taken by Michael Fleetwood  ©

Another Australasian Jet (AusJet) Cessna 206 - VH-XHI - which has of late been operating in support of Ergon Energy’s Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation (ROAMES) project - has also been heard flying around CQ.

Also during the previous week, Gladstone-based Cessna 210 VH-KTE was noted operating various flights to Rockhampton, Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast.  Some of these flights looked to take the 'scenic route' so could have been aerial survey or training flights.

File photo taken by Col  ©

On Saturday 21 May, Australian Aerial Surveys (of Sydney) Cessna 340 VH-IRV flew into Gladstone Airport from the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour.  I'm not entirely sure if it operated and survey flights around Gladstone during its stay but VH-IRV departed to Archefield and Scone on Tuesday 24 May.

Also this week, on Tuesday 24 May, Victoria-based Interair / Photomapping Services Cessna 404 VH-TTZ flew into Bundaberg Airport directly from its Melbourne (Essendon) base.

File photo

On Wednesday 25 May, VH-TTZ was noted completing a near-six hour aerial survey flight around the Fraser Coast that was out of and back to Bundy.

Of interest, VH-TTZ was noted visiting Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport in early May while flying from Essendon to Far North Queensland and beyond.

Finally, Bayswater Road / Australian Aerial Mapping (AAM) Reims F406 VH-EYQ has been noted operating out of Emerald Airport for at least the last week.

File photo taken by Michael Fleetwood  ©

On Wednesday 25 May, it too completed a survey flight over various parts of CQ that looked to land back at Emerald.