Monday, February 19, 2018

Avcair (Earth Commodities) Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Bizjet VH-CCJ Back in CQ and Spotted at Gladstone Airport

Visiting Central Queensland for the first time in 2018 on Monday 19 February was the Avcair (Earth Commodities) Cessna 550 Citation Bravo bizjet VH-CCJ.  As with its previous visits, VH-CCJ flew North from Brisbane early in the morning and touched down at Gladstone Airport briefly before continuing North to Mackay Airport.

After around a couple of hours on the ground, VH-CCJ returned to Gladstone Airport where it was parked up for the night.

At the time of writing, as with its previous visits, VH-CCJ is due to depart Gladstone Airport for Bundaberg Airport early on Tuesday 20 February.  It is then scheduled to return to Brisbane.

Of interest, the Earth Commodities Group supplies a large variety of products from hard rock quarries in Gladstone and Mackay, and from their mineral sands division via Sunstate Sands in Bundaberg.  Visit their website at:

All photos taken by Col B  ©

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King A32-671 "Dingo 27" Pops into Bundaberg Airport

On Thursday 15 February, another Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Air turboprop aircraft was noted visiting Central Queensland with A32-671 completing airwork around the Fraser Coast before landing at Bundaberg Airport.

File photo

Flying as "Dingo 27", A32-671 was heard to initially complete airwork including a missed approach at Gayndah Aerodrome before landing at Bundaberg Airport.  After a short while on the ground, A32-671 departed Bundy for RAAF Base Amberley.

During the late afternoon / early evening, A32-671 "Dingo 27" was heard to be flying North from Amberley to Townsville.

Many Photos as Brisbane-based Pesca Aviation AeroCommander 690-A Turbo Commander VH-ATF Calls into Mackay and Rockhampton Airports

On Thursday 15 February, Brisbane-based Pesca Aviation AeroCommander 690-A Turbo Commander VH-ATF was spotted resting on the Western General Aviation (GA) Apron (WGA) at Mackay Airport.  It had earlier arrived from Archerfield.

VH-ATF which is flown by Steve Baxter, the investor and entrepreneur from Brisbane who is one of the 'sharks' on the Australian television series 'Shark Tank'.

Later in the day, VH-ATF ventured South to Rockhampton Airport.

UPDATE!  During the afternoon on Friday 16 February, VH-ATF departed Rockhampton Airport and returned to Archerfield.

Also popping into Rockhampton Airport also on Thursday 15 February was Jedda Lin (Sydney) Hawker Beechcraft G36 Bonanza VH-JKL which arrived from Bankstown and departed to Hamilton Island Airport. 

And popping into Mackay Airport late on Thursday 15 February was Austrek Aviation Beech B200 Super King Air VH-ZGD.  It arrived from Melbourne (Essendon) and departed to Toowoomba.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 14 February, a pair of Bayswater Road / Australian Aerial Mapping (AAM) survey aircraft - Reims Aviation F406 VH-LAA and Cessna 404 VH-LAV were both noted calling into Rockhampton Airport.

VH-LAA looked to arrive from Gladstone before staying for the night and departing to the Gold Coast early on Thursday 15 February, while VH-LAV arrived from Emerald Airport - where it has been based for some time - before completing an aerial survey flight which concluded back at Rockhampton Airport.

Also completing an aerial survey flight out of Rockhampton Airport, also on Wednesday 14 February, was Queensland Police Service (Airwing) (State of Queensland) Cessna 208 Caravan VH-PSQ.  It looked to arrive from Mackay Airport before departing and (reportedly) assisting in the search for a distress beacon.  VH-PSQ then returned to Rocky where it stayed for the night.  VH-PSQ departed to Brisbane early on Thursday 15 February.

Photos taken by 'AC' and Kayanne Hardsman  ©

Brand New Virgin Australia Boeing B737-800 VH-YWE Pops into Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport on First Visit to CQ!

On Thursday 15 February, Virgin Australia's brand new and recently delivered Boeing B737-800 VH-YWE made its first visit into Central Queensland, operating in and out of Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport from and back to Sydney as VOZ1555/1556.

VH-YWE was delivered to Virgin Australia at Brisbane right at the end of January and was photographed by local plane spotter Dylan H as it sat in the Virgin hangar at Brisbane Airport during the 'farewell' party for the now retired Virgin Embraer jet fleet.

As shown, VH-YWE wears the name 'Dreamtime Beach'.

Of interest, VH-YWE is reportedly the final 'Next Generation' Boeing B737-800 due for delivery to Virgin Australia before the airline starts taking delivery of its first Boeing B737 MAX in 2019.

All photos taken by Dylan Hardie  © 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Kefford Corporation Gulfstream G-IV-SP Bizjet N810LP Calls into Longreach Airport

Noted making its first visit into Central Queensland for 2018 was the smart looking Kefford Corporation (of Victoria) Gulfstream G-IV-SP bizjet N810LP which was noted arriving into Longreach Airport from Brisbane just after lunch on Wednesday 14 February.

N810LP at Longreach Airport last year  (File photo)

It had earlier arrived into the Queensland capital from its Melbourne (Essendon) base via Sydney.

After a couple of hours on the ground, N810LP was noted departing Longreach Airport for Sydney.  It eventually returned to Essendon.

Meanwhile, another familiar bizjet to visit to CQ in the form of Mackellar Mining Equipment / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra bizjet VH-MMC was noted arriving into Emerald Airport from its Sunshine Coast base also on Wednesday 14 February.  As with its previous visits, it appears to be staying for at least the night.

UPDATE!  On Thursday 15 February, VH-MMC departed Emerald Airport for Biloela / Thangool Airport before eventually continuing 'home' to the Sunshine Coast.

Meanwhile, also at Emerald Airport, Vanderfield Pilatus PC-12/47 VH-WPH arrived from its Toowoomba base via Bundaberg Airport.  On Wednesday 14 February, VH-WPH returned South to Bundy before continuing ‘home’ to Toowoomba.

VH-WPH at Emerald Airport on Monday afternoon

Finally, also at Bundaberg Airport, Wolff Aviation Hawker Beechcraft C90GTi VH-VWG was noted arriving from its Toowoomba base early on Monday 12 February.  It was then noted flying into Wanella Station before being noted flying from Biloela / Thangool Airport home to Toowoomba on Tuesday 13 February.

Photo taken by Calen Harvey  ©

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King A32-670 "Dingo 13" Pops into Gladstone Airport

On Monday 12 February, a nice surprise visitor to Gladstone Airport was Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Air A32-670.  It arrived from Townsville.

A32-670 at Gladstone Airport on a previous visit  (File photo)

After taking on fuel, A32-670 departed to RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria.

A32-670 was heard to be using the radio callsign of "Dingo 13".

Photo taken by 'Mick'  ©

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tully-based Cessna A185F Skywagon VH-UJT Suffers Take-off Mishap at Gladstone Airport

On Sunday 11 February, Tully-based Cessna A185F Skywagon VH-UJT suffered a mishap while trying to take-off from Runway 10 at Gladstone Airport.  VH-UJT was reportedly departing the port city for Agnes Water when it is suspected that it 'ground looped', forcing the right wing into the ground, before the Skywagon came to rest beside the Runway.

Both occupants emerged from the Skywagon uninjured but surely shaken by the incident.

As these photos shared by local plane spotter Michael F show, there is some damage to the right wing and the aircraft remains parked in this position adjacent to the runway.  It is suspected that the disabled aircraft will only be able to be removed on Monday 12 February.  Air Traffic Control (ATC) transmissions suggest that half of the Gladstone Airport runway will remain closed until then.

The mishap and runway closure has caused some problems for Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) flights in and out of Gladstone Airport with both Virgin Australia (Alliance Airlines) and QantasLink flights diverting into Rockhampton Airport after flying up from Brisbane late on Sunday 11 February.  I assume affected passengers are being bussed back to Gladstone to complete their journeys.

Sincere thanks to Michael F for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by Michael Fleetwood  ©

Saturday, February 10, 2018

75 Express Inc. Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 Bizjet N75KH Pops into Hamilton Island Airport

Late on Friday 9 February, 75 Express Inc. Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet N75KH was noted flying out of Hamilton Island Airport for Sydney.  It is believed to have earlier arrived from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

File photo

The smart looking little Challenger was spotted visiting Hamo in 2016.  At that time, we reported that N75KH flys well known Australian-born CEO of SunEnergy1 and NASCAR driver Kenny Habul around the world.

It's been a great week for bizjet and other corporate movements around CQ this week as can be seen on the Blog posts below!

Photo taken by 'AC'  ©

First Photos of QantasLink Dash-8-Q400 VH-QOB in New Qantas Colours at Bundaberg Airport

Over the course of this week, QantasLink Dash-8-Q400 VH-QOB has finally ventured South to Central Queensland after operating out of Cairns and Townsville in North Queensland since it was re-painted into the new Qantas 'Dreamliner' livery during January.  It was noted visiting Mackay Airport before spending the night parked at Rockhampton Airport on Monday 5 February.

Since then, VH-QOB completed flights to all parts of Central Queensland from and back to Brisbane and it was finally photographed on Friday 9 February operating into Bundaberg Airport on the scheduled QLK2326/2327 service.

VH-QOB looks to have retained its original name of 'Yeppoon'.

VH-QOB was the second of four QantasLink Dash-8-Q400's that so far have been re-painted into the new Qantas livery at the Flying Colours facility at Townsville Airport.  At present, VH-QOA and VH-QOC are the other Dash-8-Q400 turboprops to be re-painted with VH-QOD expected to emerge from the paint shop on Saturday 10 February (today!). 

I noted that Dash-8-Q400 VH-QOE was flown to Townsville late on Friday 9 February and should replace VH-QOD in the Flying Colours paint shop.

As we've reported previously, VH-QOE and VH-QOF are the final two QantasLink Dash-8-Q400s to wear the very old 1984-style Qantas livery and will all soon be re-painted in the new and updated livery and kangaroo logo, which was introduced to coincide with the introduction the Boeing B787 Dreamliner into service late last year. 

Research also reveals that as many as nine QantasLink Dash-8-Q300 aircraft have also been re-painted into the new Qantas livery.  VH-SBJ was also photographed at Bundaberg Airport in recent weeks operating into the rum city from and back to Brisbane.

Sincere thanks to Dan B from the Wide Bay / Bundaberg Plane Spotting Group on Facebook for allowing us to share these great photos!

All photos taken by Dan B  ©

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Falconair Dassault Aviation Mystere-Falcon 20-F5 Bizjet VH-FAI Spotted at Emerald Airport

Early on Wednesday 7 February, Falconair Dassault Aviation Mystere-Falcon 20-F5 bizjet VH-FAI touched down at Emerald Airport.  The smart little bizjet touched from its Sydney base.

After spending the day on the ground, VH-FAI was spotted in the early evening shortly before departing back to Sydney.

Meanwhile, also spotted still parked at Emerald Airport was American registered Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 bizjet N60XC which arrived from Brisbane via Mackay Airport on Tuesday 6 February - see Blog post below.

UPDATE!  In the late afternoon on Thursday 8 February, N60XC was noted departing Emerald Airport for Brisbane.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Greg W for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos of a great pair of bizjets to call into Emerald Airport!

All photos taken by Greg Weir  ©