Saturday, April 3, 2021

New Avcair (Avgunn) LearJet 60 Bizjet VH-OLJ Spotted at Rockhampton Airport - Plus More!

On Saturday 3 April, new Avcair (Avgunn) LearJet 60 bizjet VH-OLJ was spotted at Rockhampton Airport as it departed to Brisbane.

VH-OLJ arrived into Rockhampton Airport during the early evening on Friday 2 April and spent the night parked.

VH-OLJ was only delivered to Avcair at Brisbane in December last year as N849WC and was re-registered to Avcair as VH-OLJ (Other Lear Jet) in January this year.  Avcair also operates fellow LearJet 60 VH-ILJ.

Meanwhile, also on Saturday 3 April, Australian Country Choice Properties (Brisbane) Cessna 560 Citation V Encore bizjet VH-ACC flew up from Archerfield to Dooloogarah then back south to Roma Airport via a low pass over the Mitchell township. 

Finally, also on Saturday 3 April, Graham Aviation (Cairns) Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-FNI was noted visiting Longreach Airport.  It arrived from the South and later departed to Cairns. 

VH-FNI had flown South to Bankstown in March and looked to depart there for Melbourne (Moorabbin) on Friday 2 April before heading North.

Photo taken by Steve Vit  ©

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