Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Heli Support (PNG) AS350B2 Squirrel Helicopter P2-PDC Passes Through Mackay and Gladstone Airports

On Wednesday 3 January, Heli Support - Papua New Guinea (PNG) - Aerospatiale AS350B2 Squirrel helicopter P2-PDC was noted passing through Mackay and Gladstone Airports while venturing from Cairns to the Sunshine Coast.

P2-PDC at Cairns Airport some years ago  (

It had arrived into Cairns from the North on Tuesday 2 January.

Meanwhile, after arriving almost a week ago, the familiar sight of Corporate Aviation Bell 429 helicopter VH-EQP departed Hamilton Island Airport on Tuesday 2 January.  It flew South from Hamo to its Southport base via the usual fuel stop at Gladstone Airport.

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