Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jetstar's Special Colours and New Aircraft at Mackay Airport

Jetstar's newest logojet - A320-200 VH-VQN - which has decals for the Telstra Next G Force mobile phone network made daily visits in Mackay recently, with the aircraft first noted on Wednesday 1 December operating the JQ888/889 service from/to Brisbane. It then returned on the same service for the next five days.

Some pictures of this aircraft with its colourful livery can be found on the Jetphotos website - HERE

Also over the last couple of weeks, Jetstar have sent some of their newest A320-200 aircraft on the various Brisbane-Mackay-Brisbane runs, with VH-VGF, VH-VGH, VH-VGI, and VH-VGJ all noted in the last week.

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