Friday, July 28, 2023

American-registered but Australian-based Gulfstream Aerospace G-V-SP (G550) Bizjet N360LF Arrives into Hamilton Island Airport - Plus More!

On Friday 28 July, American-registered but Australian-based Gulfstream Aerospace G-V-SP (G550) bizjet N360LF was noted arriving into Hamilton Island Airport from Sydney.

File photo

At the time of writing, it appears that the Gulfstream is staying for at least the night.

UPDATE!  On Sunday 30 July, N360LF departed Hamilton Island Airport and returned to Sydney.

Meanwhile, also on Friday 28 July, the new Hughes Aviation (Hughes Pastoral Group) (Gympie) Pilatus PC-12//47E NGX VH-8HP landed at Emerald Airport from Mackay Airport before it then departed to Archerfield.  It later returned to Emerald Airport.

UPDATE!  On Sunday 30 July, VH-8HP departed Emerald Airport for Keeroongooloo and then back to Mackay Airport.

Also locally-based (but Mackay-registered) Mooney M20J VH-NWF departed Clermont Aerodrome for Mackay Airport.

UPDATE!  On Monday 31 July, VH-NWF returned to Clermont Aerodrome from Mackay Airport.

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