Monday, October 10, 2016

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE and AeroCommander 500-S VH-UJX Spotted at Emerald Airport

Certainly an interesting visitor into parts of CQ on Monday 10 October with General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE noted operating on behalf of Toll Freight Aviation on the TFX110/111 cargo run from Brisbane to Biloela / Thangool and Emerald Airports and back to Brisbane via Rockhampton Airport.  A Toll Metro usually operates this flight.

Of note, VH-VJE was spotted on the ground at Emerald Airport on Monday alongside fellow GAM AeroCommander 500-S VH-UJX which is now operating the Emerald to Barcaldine and Longreach Airport and back freight rotation during this week.

VH-UJX positioned into Emerald Airport from Brisbane during the afternoon on Sunday 9 October.  It replaced fellow GAM AeroCommander 500-S VH-MEH which has operated the run to Longreach and back over the last couple of weeks and positioned back to Brisbane a little later on Sunday 9 October.

Photo taken by 'AC'  ©

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