Sunday, November 7, 2010

TRIP REPORT – Mackay to Brisbane – QantasLink – Dash-8-Q400

Trip Report – Mackay to Brisbane – Saturday 11 September 2010 – QantasLink – QF2511 – Dash-8-Q400 – VH-QOJ

Well this (comparably) small trip started my wife and I’s journey to Europe. A 6.45am departure meant an early start and we arrived at the airport at about 5.30am. Check-in wasn’t open, and neither was the airport's café… hmmm… we waited about 15 minutes and check-in opened with 2 agents checking our QantasLink flight in. Small queue and soon to the agent where our big (28kg) bag was checked in to Brisbane without dramas. We also checked in a smaller bag too. We were assigned seats in the back row of our plane, which again isn’t an issue as legroom is ample in the Dash-8-Q400.

By now the airport's café had opened so we settled back for some breakfast, then through security, and then waiting for our flight! The morning's Virgin Blue Embraer E190 service to Brisbane boarded, and whilst it was starting and taxiing away, we commenced our boarding. All this was done in about 15 minutes – flight was full. Engines start, taxi onto the runway and back-track to take-off Runway 14 at Mackay.

Some nice early morning views over the Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay Coal terminals (just South of Mackay Airport) with as many as 70 ships anchored out to sea waiting for their turn to load.

Breakfast was served and consisted of yogurt and muesli bar, along with orange juice and tea/coffee.

Smooth flight and descent with a nice view of Caboolture Aerodrome out to the left side.

We overflew Redcliffe and made a visual approach to Runway 19 into a fine and sunny Brisbane. Got to the stand-off gate, seat-belts off, passengers standing-up and keen to get off, bags were coming off… but we waited… and waited… and waited… Turns out another Dash-8 was taxiing out before we could get off the plane. We obviously then collected our bags pretty quickly and waited for our lift up to the International terminal (thanks Mum and Aunty!!).

Overall another great flight with QantasLink!

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