Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cessna 200 Series Fly-in at Mackay Airport

So I made the 600km round trip on Saturday 9 October from Clermont to Mackay to have a look at the aircraft that came to the 4th Annual Cessna 200 series Fly-in… unfortunately it was a fizzer due to the bad weather around Central Qld… Participants were stranded in Blackall (for example) and other participants from as close as Townsville cancelled as late as Saturday morning. In the end only five aircraft made it safely to Mackay, they are pictured below parked at the Mackay Aero Club...

C206 VH-ECW (from SE Qld)

C210 VH-OAT (from SA)

C210 VH-NPL (from Gold Coast)

C210 VH-TFE (from Victoria)

C210 (pressurised) VH-TYV (from SA)

There were a lot of other GA aircraft noted, while Virgin Blue B737-700 VH-VBY and Jetstar A320 VH-JQG were the only commercials noted and are pictured below.

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