Friday, August 29, 2014

Australian Aerobatic Academy (AAA) Fly-away / PPL Training Trip Calls into Central Queensland Airports This Week

I've noted with interest that over the last week or so, a couple of aircraft from the Australian Aerobatic Academy (AAA) have passed through various Central Queensland Airports while on a Fly-away / PPL training trip from their base at Bankstown Airport in Sydney.  AAA specialise in scenic and aerobatic joy flights, but also offer aerobatic and primary flight training at Bankstown Airport.

From updates on their Facebook page ( and website ( I've been able to gather that AAA's Robin 2160i VH-IRN and Cessna R182 VH-SFV have participated in the flight.

I've also observed that they have called into Longreach Airport, after calling into the Comeroo Camel Station in Bourke in New South Wales.  From Longreach, both aircraft called into Emerald Airport before overnighting at the Whitsunday Airport (WAVE) at Shute Harbour (as shown) on Tuesday 26 August.

On Wednesday 27 August, both aircraft called into Rockhampton and then Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airports before continuing further South - where they encountered some spectacular weather formations!

Images sourced from AAA Facebook page.

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  1. Nice to know our aircraft draw attention wherever we go! - AAA