Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Photos of JetGo Australia's New Embraer ERJ-140LR to be VH-ZJG

I note with interest on the Facebook page of JetGo Australia ( that their first new 44-seat Embraer ERJ140LR - registered VH-ZJG - is almost ready for delivery and sitting in the Republic Airlines facility at Louisville, Kentucky in the United States.

Meanwhile, this week, I also received some additional photos of the VH-ZJG - looking resplendent in the hangar ready for delivery.

It is expected that VH-ZJG will leave America by the end of the month, to be ferried back to Australia by the JetGo's CEO Captain Jason Ryder and Head Of Training Captain Chad Tracy. This ferry flight will be unlike the others, and is expected to travel West visiting Alaska, Russia, Japan, Manila, then Australia, where it will hopefully commence work in airline services.

Meanwhile, it is believed that this coming Friday 29 August, JetGo will operate a route-proving flight from Sydney to Roma in preparation for the commencement of Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services on the route soon.

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  1. Hi I'm confused because people are saying she is a 140lr but I'm looking at her now and it has 135 on her