Saturday, August 30, 2014

HeliScope / Airwork (NZ) AS350 SD2 Squirrel Helicopter ZK-HKT at Gladstone Airport Friday Night

Local plane spotter Michael Fleetwood's ears pricked up late on Friday 29 August when he heard a helicopter making a late evening arrival into Gladstone Airport.  And his curiosity was rewarded when he popped out to Gladstone Airport and captured a couple of great photos of HeliScope / Airwork (NZ) Aerospatiale AS350 SD2 Squirrel helicopter ZK-HKT.

It appears that ZK-HKT was ferrying North from Archerfield, making all stops on delivery to an operator in Papua New Guinea (PNG) - as evidenced by the PNG flag on the fuselage.

ZK-HKT departed to the North, and was noted passing through Townsville and Cairns on Saturday 30 August.

Thanks Michael for the awesome photos!

All photos taken by Michael Fleetwood  ©

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