Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More Photos as the Qantas Founders Museum Unwraps their Historic Lockheed Super Constellation Aircraft at Longreach Airport

After arriving at Longreach Airport earlier in the week - see Blog Post HERE - the Qantas Founders Museum's historic Lockheed C-121J Super Constellation has been unwrapped and stored in preparation for its future restoration.

As we mentioned below, the 'Connie' - as the Super Constellation is fondly referred to - is a piece of Qantas history from the 1940s and was shipped from the Philippines to Townsville before being trucked to Longreach.

In 2014, the Qantas Founders Museum was the successful bidder on the Super Constellation - a Lockheed C-121J Super Constellation wearing the registration marking of N4247K - through an auction organised by the Manila International Airport Authority.  The aircraft had been grounded in Manila for 25 years but had previously been used by World Fish and Agriculture Corp. to transport fish cargo.  Due to the condition of the Super Constellation, it will not be restored to be airworthy but instead, it will be displayed as part of the Museums's aircraft collection at Longreach.

The Super Constellation will join the Museum's fleet of planes which includes an Avro, Catalina, Boeing 707 and Boeing 747 which are already at the Museum.

Volunteers at the Qantas Founders Museum will now reportedly spend two years reassembling and repainting the plane before visitors are allowed inside.

Photos taken by Calen Harvey  ©

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