Friday, February 28, 2020

Cessna Citation Bizjets VH-WMY and VH-MMC Back CQ Airports Once Again!

A busy couple of days (and week on the whole) for both Mitchell Water Cessna 525 Citation M2 VH-WMY and Mackellar Mining Equipment / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra VH-MMC with both bizjets noted visiting Central Queensland Airports once again over the latter part of this week.

On Thursday 27 February, VH-WMY was noted visiting Moura Airport after flying up from Melbourne (Moorabbin) and Archerfield.  It then returned to Archerfield where it spent the night.

File photo

Then on Friday 28 February, VH-WMY had a busy day of flying, departing Archerfield and calling into Miles, Roma and Moura Airports before then flying South to Horsham in Victoria and back to Moorabbin.

Meanwhile, as we've posted below, VH-MMC has spent pretty much every day this week completing flights to and airwork at both Emerald and Gladstone Airports at various times.

On Thursday 27 February, VH-MMC looked to again fly towards Gladstone from the Sunshine Coast with it looking to complete airwork and then land at Gladstone Airport for a brief time.  It did this twice during the day and was noted returning to the Sunshine Coast from Gladstone Airport as the sun was setting.

Then on Friday 28 February, VH-MMC was back in the air and looked to initially complete a local out of and back to the Sunshine Coast.  It then flew up to and landed briefly at Gladstone Airport before eventually returning 'home' the to the Sunny Coast.

It appears to have been a big week of training for the pilots of VH-MMC!

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