Friday, May 30, 2014

And Toll Freight Aviation Metro VH-UZI Also Calls Into Gladstone Airport - TWICE!! (Updated!!)

Also noted visiting Gladstone Airport early on Thursday 29 May was Toll Freight Aviation Metro III Expeditor VH-UZI which seemingly diverted to the port city while operating the early morning TFX110 flight from Brisbane to Biloela / Thangool Airport.

File photos taken by Jamie  ©

It is believed that thick inland fog meant the Metro was unable to land at Thangool. 

VH-UZI departed Gladstone direct to Emerald on the continuation of the TFX110 flight.

UPDATE!  VH-UZI has again touched down at Gladstone Airport, this time early on Friday 30 May.  It was this time operating as TFX162 which normally flys from Brisbane to Rockhampton and Mackay.  The reason for the diversion is not known, however it was noted that VH-UZI departed Gladstone and flew direct to Mackay Airport.

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