Monday, February 20, 2023

The Nine RoKAF Black Eagles KAI T-50B Jets - Plus C-130J Hercules - Depart Rockhampton Airport for RAAF Base Richmond

As predicted, on Monday 20 February, the visiting deployment of The Republic of Korea (South Korea) Air Force (RoKAF) "Black Eagles" aerobatic team departed Rockhampton Airport for RAAF Base Richmond as they continued their journey to Melbourne, Avalon Airport where they will participate in the upcoming Australian International Airshow.

As with their arrival the previous evening, the Black Eagles' nine KAI T-50B trainers departed in spectacular fashion, flying in three- ship formations as "Bravo Echo 01/04/07"

A little later, the RoKAF Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules 45-747 as "Argo 101" also departed Rockhampton Airport for Richmond.

It is believed that fellow C-130J-30 45-750 "Argo 102" flew down from Darwin to Richmond(?) during the day as another C-130H-30 Hercules 55-030 "Argo 103" flew across from Darwin to also land at Rockhampton Airport - see Blog post above!

As mentioned below, the RoKAF Black Eagles aerobatic display team has travelled to Australia to participate in the biennial Australian International Airshow and Aerospace Defence Exposition slated to take place at Avalon Airport in Geelong from February 28 to March 5.

Sincere thanks again to the local plane spotters for providing us with such a great coverage of the arrival of these awesome visitors to the region!

Photos taken by Scott Harris, Trevor Hardsman and Jake Wallace  ©

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