Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Exercise Wallaby 2023 - Yet More Heavy Jet Movements at Rockhampton Airport - Royal Brunei B787-8 Dreamliners V8-DLB & V8-DLA - Garuda Indonesia B777-300 PK-GIF - The End of this ‘Wave’!

There were yet more heavy jet passenger charter flights in and out of Rockhampton Airport on Tuesday 26 September in support of the Singapore Armed Forces Exercise Wallaby 2023 (XWB23).

Again arriving before dawn was Garuda Indonesia Boeing B777-3U3(ER) PK-GIF, which arrived yet again from Jakarta and Singapore as GIA8242/7760.  On this occasion however, the B777 then positioned down to Sydney as GIA7761 and remained parked there for the day.

File photo

Then, after dark, PK-GIF returned to Rockhampton Airport from Sydney as GIA7771 before loading a full flight of personnel and equipment, and then departing to Singapore's Changi Airport as GIA7770.

This was the last time in this wave of movements we will see Garuda Indonesia, and PK-GIF ended up flying from Singapore back to Jakarta as GIA8242.

Meanwhile, also visiting Rockhampton Airport on Wednesday again, were the two Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner aircraft V8-DLB and V8-DLA.

VH-DLB arrived from and then departed back to Singapore as RBA4273/4283.

While V8-DLA also arrived from and then departed back to Singapore but as RBA4276/4288.  It later then flew back to Brunei as RBA4288.

At the time of writing, V8-DLB is expected to make one more visit to Rockhampton Airport in the wee small hours of Wednesday 27 September and this will wrap up the second wave of heavy jet passenger charter flights in support of Exercise Wallaby 2023.

The final wave of charter flights will take place in early to mid-October once the exercise has concluded.

Sincere thanks to the local plane spotters for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos of a couple of great visitors to Rockhampton Airport.

Photos taken by Steve Vit  ©

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