Monday, June 11, 2012

A Closer Look at Thorp T-18 VH-IXI at Gladstone Airport

We've recently received a kind invitation to attend one of the regular Sunday morning gatherings of the Gladstone Aero Club (website link HERE). One of the generous members – John G – recently took us on a quick tour of his aircraft – Amateur Built Thorp T-18 VH-IXI.

Photo taken by Jamie C  ©

John is one of the senior members of the Gladstone Aero Club and is a retired electrician who spent part of his career in Papua New Guinea. John has been flying recreational aircraft since 1972 and still enjoys regular jaunts in the sky. His current aircraft (now of 4 years) is a 1977 Amateur Built Thorp T-18 - VH-IXI - which he has nicknamed “Skippy”. It is powered by a single Textron Lycoming piston engine. The plane is classified as an aerobatic aircraft.

John commented that the general cruising speed of his aircraft is about 150 knots, but that it has a maximum speed of about 160 knots. Operating with the economical cruising speed of about 140-145 knots, the aircraft has an endurance of about 3 hours flying time.

When he flys South-bound – John commented that he generally cruises at about 8000 feet and at about 7000 feet when heading North-bound.

We would like to thank John for providing us with the opportunity to take a look at his lovely little aircraft and also for providing details about his plane. We appreciate your generosity!

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