Friday, June 22, 2012

Recently Delivered Airliners Visit Central Queensland Airports

I guess this is a post for the 'rego spotters'!  In the last week, Mackay and Emerald Airports have played host to a couple of recently delivered Virgin, Jetstar, and Alliance aircraft.

On Wednesday 20 June, Virgin Australia Boeing B737-800 VH-YFL arrived into Mackay from as DJ621.  After overnighting, it departed back to Brisbane on Thursday 21 June as DJ600. 

On Friday 15 June, B737-800 VH-YFI arrived into Mackay Airport, and departed the next day.

VH-YFI and VH-YFL are the most recent aircraft to enter service with Virgin Australia, which incidentally, took delivery of their latest B737-800 - VH-YIH - on Thursday as well.

Also on this week, Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 VH-VFD has been noted operating into Mackay from Brisbane.  VH-VFD isn't the newest Jetstar aircraft, but it is only one of three to wear Jetstar's 'revised' titles.

Emerald Airport has also seen a new aircraft visit, with Alliance Airlines Fokker F-100 VH-XWO operating a fly-in fly-out charter to Brisbane on Thursday 14 June.  This ex-Germania aircraft has recently commenced service with Alliance after months of maintenance in Brisbane since it arrived in Australia.

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