Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Great Action at Rockhampton Airport on Tuesday - US Navy Clipper and RAAF Hawks

As expected, the United States Navy (USN) Boeing C-40A Clipper - serial 165835 - arrived back into Rockhampton Airport on Tuesday 19 June. The C-40A (or B737-7AFC) arrived from Darwin as "Convoy 7782".

Again, there were sorties operated from Rockhampton Airport by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Brittish Aerospace (BAe) Hawk 127 jets. Pictured below are: A27-14, A27-09, and A27-20.

The Hawks are noted using the callsigns "Panther" and "Leopard".

A smaller RAAF type was also photographed - a sole Pilatus PC-9A also arrived. Unfortunately, its serial number could not be determined, although it was using the callsign "Raven 22".

Lastly, three Australian Army Commonwealth CA-32 (Bell 206B/OH-58A) Kiowa helicopters arrived into Rockhampton Airport from the South.  Using the callsigns "Redback 28", "Redback 34", and Redback "36", it is believed that the three Kiowas are A17-028, A17-034, and A17-036.  Pictured below is A17-028 as it arrived into Rockhampton Airport.

Another great day!

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  1. Saw a Kiowa departing Bundaberg about 1:30pm today.