Monday, June 11, 2012

Gladstone Aero Club will Receive a New Hangar at Gladstone Airport

A Plan for the Gladstone Aero Club to receive a new hangar at Gladstone airport is finally taking flight. After seeking approval from council to use one of the eight new hangars being built at Gladstone Airport, the club's wishes have been answered. 

The club previously provided a submission to Gladstone Regional Council outlining its case for having an area of land at the western end of the Airport released for construction of hangars for non-commercial use. The individual hangars would be built by plane-owners at their own cost.

In April, Council voted to approve "in principle" to release spare land for more hangars. That approval was dependent on a more detailed report to council behind the development. However, the move was not included in the 2011 Master Plan for Gladstone Airport.

The Gladstone Aero Club desperately wants to build hangars for its planes at Gladstone Airport. The Gladstone-based aviators are passionate about flying and hopefully they will soon have a safe place to store their favourite possessions.

There are a lot young people interested in flying and the Gladstone Aero Club is hoping to facilitate that opportunity. Unfortunately though, a lot of club members aren't based in Gladstone, meaning that they are currently struggling to get up to Gladstone Airport as there are no facilities to store their planes. A local clubhouse and hangar facilities would also help local flying students who, in some cases, have travelled to Rockhampton by car only to be told they wouldn't be flying because the weather had changed.

Since reforming in September last year, the club has attracted interest across the community, with people of all ages signing up.  For more information on the Gladstone Aero Club, you can access their website HERE.

It is also worth noting that Mt Larcom State School is also helping spark interest in aviation careers in the community, by offering senior students the chance to study aviation in their final year of school.

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