Monday, February 28, 2011

Moranbah Airport Maintenance and Possible Redevelopment

Pacific Survey has recently started work on the Moranbah Airport maintenance works for Fulton Hogan. Initial works will involve the maintenance works to the runway pavement surface. The airport services the residents and workers of the Moranbah district and it provides a critical transport link for these workers and the expanding population of the Isaac Regional Council.

In other news, BMA Coal has announced that it has commenced studies to investigate the potential for an airport relocation and/or upgrade, to allow larger capacity aircraft to fly in and out of the Moranbah region.

The development of a new airport may be required, in time, to access coal that lies in the vicinity of the existing Moranbah airport.

While the scale, location and timing of this project is yet to be confirmed, it is envisaged that an airport development would be designed and constructed on the following broad criteria:
• the airport will be sited so as to ensure that the overall amenity of the residents of Moranbah is not adversely affected;
• sizing of the airport facilities (runway, terminal, refuelling capability) will be such that larger aircraft (including high capacity aircraft) can directly service the Moranbah area and potentially a wider region; and
• flexibility of operation could be such that the airport may be owned and managed either by BMA or by a third party.

It is anticipated that the development of a new airport could involve the following:
• clearing of onsite vegetation, and cutting and filling of the site to manage stormwater and to provide suitable site levels to construct the runway;
• construction of a new runway facility capable of allowing a variety of aircraft types, including high capacity aircraft;
• construction of a new terminal facility enabling the processing of passengers and associated luggage; and
• construction of ancillary airport infrastructure such as fuel storage, aircraft hanger facilities, runway lighting systems, ground aircraft navigation equipment, vehicle parking, security facilities/fencing and internal roads.

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