Friday, October 31, 2014

Some Other News From the Rockhampton Aero Club

Over the last month or so, the Rockhampton Aero Club (RAC) has made a few important announcements as well as host an a weekend of Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) and prepare for Fun Flight 2014.

Firstly though, in late-September, The Board of the Rockhampton Aero Club officially announced the appointment of a new Cheif Flying Instructor / Pilot (CFI/CP) Elect who will take over in November after the retirement of Lesley Crowther-Scott.  Her successor is Mr Jan Rebello.

Jan was formerly the CFI of  Airways Aviation Australia, and prior to that Chief Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor and General Manager Flight Operations of the Australian Airline Pilot Academy.  Jan is employed with the Rockhampton Aero Club as a Grade 1 Flight Instructor and will be undergoing a handover and transition period with Lesley and Jan will then take over as CFI/CP on Lesley’s retirement.

Meanwhile, at the RAC Annual General Meeting also in late September, Eric Gill (Treasurer), Trevor McMaster (Vice President), Paul Tyler (Newsletter Editor) were all re-elected, while Phil Richards (Committee member) was elected, replacing long standing club member Dave Tempest who has retired from the board after many many years service.

President (Graham Dooley) and Dr Michael Keating (Secretary) were not up for election with the RAC's split election.

As mentioned below, over the course of Saturday 25 October and Sunday 26 October, the Rockhampton Aero Club (RAC) hosted the Australian Air Force Cadet (AAFC) Flight Training Weekend.

40 Air Force Cadets ranging in ages from 13 to 20 undertook a Trial Instructional Flight of 30 minutes duration.  This was the first year the AAFC have been able to access actual flight activities.  The Weekend was funded by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as part of its support for the Air Force Cadets.

From the feedback so far from cadets, staff and parents, it was a very successful weekend of training
with 40 individual flights conducted using 3 Cessna aircraft and 3 RAC Flight Instructors.

The Rockhampton Aero Club will host its annual Funflight day at Rockhampton Airport on Sunday 9 November.  Special guests, volunteers and pilots will come from all over Rocky, to make it a day to remember for the sick and disadvantaged children and their parents.

Finally, the Rockhampton Aero Club has re-vamped their Facebook page - do check it out at -

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