Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ultralight Jabiru J230-D 24-8101 Emergency Landing in Calen Sugar Cane Field

A 58-year-old man flying his ultralight Jabiru J230-D 24-8101 from Ingham to Marian (near Mackay) was forced to make an emergency landing in a cane paddock in Calen on Wednesday 29 October.  Reports suggest that the man suffered no injuries, but was taken to Mackay Base Hospital as a precaution.

Josh Cummings @jrscummings /

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the engine made metallic noises then failed resulting in the emergency landing.

This comes just days after another pilot had to make an emergency landing in his ultralight plane in a freshly cut cane paddock on private property near Kuttabul on Sunday 26 October.  The plane was forced to make the landing after the pilot ran out of fuel.  It reportedly flipped over after landing in the paddock.

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