Monday, March 24, 2014

A Few More Lighties Spotted at Gladstone Airport - Beaver VH-IDO Returns - EC135 Helicopters VH-ZGI and VH-ZGZ

Yet more interesting light aircraft have been spotted at Gladstone Airport over recent days including Shadforth's Plant Hire Raytheon (Beech) C90A (C90B King Air) VH-JEO.  It was captured by local spotters Jamie and Tash last Tuesday 18 March as it visited from the Sunshine Coast.

Developing Aviation Mooney M20J VH-CVB - which arrived in Gladstone on Monday 17 March - was spotted departing home to Cairns on Tuesday 18 March.

Over the course of Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 March, the pair of Gladstone Helicopters / Helireef Eurocopter EC135 helicopters - VH-ZGZ and VH-ZGI - which are used on behalf of Maritime Safety Queensland to transfer of Marine Pilots to off-shore ships - were both spotted at Gladstone.  It is believed that VH-ZGI returned North to Mackay, while (usually) local resident VH-ZGZ returned to the Airport on Wednesday.

Wednesday 19 March was also a busy day with many other light aircraft spotted arriving and departing as Gladstone Airport including Skydive CQ Cessna 182 VH-SUB and DND Aviation Raytheon G36 VH-JKZ, which was captured departing to Redcliffe.

A familiar pair of Cirrus SR22 aircraft - VH-VIA and VH-YDM - were also captured visiting Gladstone on Wednesday.

Sunshine Coast-based Piper PA-46-301P VH-JVX was also spotted by Jamie and Tash visiting the industrial city.

And from up the road at Rockhampton, J.M. Kelly (Project Builders) Cessna 310 VH-FFA also visited for the day.

Finally, Australia by Seaplane De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 Floatplane VH-IDO was spotted as it returned from the Gold Coast after completing some maintenance.

Some more great photos of some great visitors to Gladstone - and we sincerely thank Jamie and Tash for sending them through!

Photos taken by Jamie and Tash  ©

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