Thursday, March 6, 2014

Australian Army MRH-90 Helicopters A40-004 & A40-027 at Bundaberg & Rockhampton Airports Thursday

Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters A40-004 and A40-027 were spotted at Bundaberg and Rockhampton Airports respectively on Thursday 6 March.  

Local plane spotter Micah S overcame camera problems to capture a quick snap of A40-004 as it was preparing to depart Bundy to the North.

Meanwhile Rocky plane spotter 'IAD' captured A40-027 as it was taking on fuel shortly before it too departed for the North.  When the chopper departed, it was heard to be using the radio callsign "Destria 27".

Thanks guys!

Photos taken by Micah S and 'IAD'  ©

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