Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Another Great Visitor to Longreach Airport - Textron Aviation (Cessna) 208B Caravan N271EX - Plus Cirrus's Move Further North

While on a ferry flight, brand new Textron Aviation (Cessna) 208B Caravan N271EX passed through Longreach Airport on Tuesday 3 May.  It arrived from Alice Springs and later departed to Brisbane.

The Caravan had earlier arrived in Australia at Broome in Western Australia, touching down from Bail (Denpasar) on Monday 2 May.

UPDATE!  On Wednesday 4 May, N271EX continued from Brisbane to Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

FURTHER UPDATE!  On Thursday 5 May, N271EX continued to Auckland and Christchurch and is reportedly in New Zealand on demonstrator duties.

Meanwhile, as we reported below, on Monday 2 May, what looks to be a fly-away or air safari of Cirrus owners touched down at Longreach Airport with a few of little single-engine aircraft noted arriving both from Broken Hill or Bourke during the late afternoon.  The Cirrus aircraft arriving looked to include:  SR20 VH-TEL, SR22 VH-SDA, SR22 VH-TTV, SR22 VH-CFD, and SR22 VH-EET.

On Tuesday 3 May they were joined at Longreach Airport bySR22 VH-MCX from Sunshine Coast before it and four of the other Cirrus's were heard to continue further North.  VH-TEL, VH-SDA, VH-CFD and VH-EET flew to Karumba, while VH-TTV went via Mt Isa to Mornington Island.

Of interest, SR22 VH-WJB was also noted joining the fly-away in Kurumba.

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