Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Police Called to Meet Jetstar Flight at Mackay Airport

No one was sure what a couple were doing in the toilet on board a Mackay-bound Jetstar Airbus A320 flight early on Saturday 3 December, but the man inside the lavatory allegedly became aggressive towards cabin staff when they tried to find out.

The incident prompted Jetstar security to request police assistance at 8.30am, about half an hour before the plane was scheduled to land in Mackay.

Police went to Mackay Airport and when the plane, which had flown from Brisbane, landed they went on board and arrested the Gold Coast couple. Officers escorted the man and woman, without incident, from the plane before the other passengers on board disembarked. Police later charged a 44-year-old Gold Coast man with being disorderly on an aircraft.

As a result of the incident, all flights out of Mackay Airport on Saturday morning, were delayed by around 30 minutes.

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