Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Old Station Fly-in and Heritage Show 2013 - What a way to Spend a Saturday!!

The Old Station Fly-in and Heritage Show at Raglan was in full swing on Saturday 25 May, with dozens of interesting aircraft landing and flying, as well as an impressive new and old truck and machinery show, and tractor pulling!

A wide variety of aircraft flew in to the Old Station farm from all over Queensland.  The day was hosted by the Creed Family and the Old Station Flying Club.  There was support from numerous sponsors and helpers from other local flying groups including the Callide Dawson Flying Group (CDFG) which not only had members' aircraft on display, but also supplied the ground marshallers tasked to park all the visiting aircraft.

The most popular aircraft on display were no doubt the Warbird Adventure Flights North American T-28D Trojan VH-TRO and Aerostar YAK-52 VH-YRO, which both operated aerobatic joyflights during the day making for some spectacular sights.

Amateur-built Replica Spitfire MK 26B VH-LZC was also on display but did not take to the air.

Other visiting aircraft included a mix of light and RA-Aus ultralight aircraft, as well as helicopters and even gyro-copters.

Most aircraft - like Van's RV-6A VH-GLD - had their cockpits open to allow the crowds to have a closer look at 'the office in the sky'.

By lunchtime, most aircraft had arrived for the day - or night with the numerous tents that had popped up next to many aircraft.  Eyes were then pointed skywards as a pair of Skydive CQ skydivers dropped into the fly-in!

Skydive CQ operates Cessna 182 VH-SUB from Raglan on selected weekends during the year.

All up, it was a great day, and even better was that all proceeds from the day - from admissions, food and drink sales, and part of the joyflights - will aid the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service.

We thank the Creed Family and all their helpers at the Old Station Flying Club for their kind assistance on Saturday 25 May.  The action continues until about 2pm on Sunday 26 May as all the visiting aircraft head home!

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