Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Pair of Pacific Aerospace (PAC) 750XL Aircraft Pass Through Mackay Airport on Thursday

In what has been an exodus of these aircraft from New Zealand, another pair of  PAC 750XL aircraft passed through Mackay Airport on Thursday 30 August.  This followed Papua New Guinea-based PAC 750XL P2-BWC which passed through Rockhampton on Tuesday 28 August.

Early on Thursday, ZK-KBU was the first to arrive in Mackay, touching down from the Gold Coast.  Later in the day, ZK-KBN joined ZK-KBU in Mackay, arriving from Toowoomba.  Both aircraft were scheduled to depart to Cairns.

Incidentally, it was a busy morning at Mackay Airport on Thursday 30 August, with a number of other interesting light aircraft arriving and departing.  Seair Beech B200 VH-MWQ, J.M. Kelly (Project Builders) Cessna 310 VH-FFA, and the Queensland Government Raytheon B300 Super King Air VH-SGQ were all noted arriving into Mackay during the morning.  Meanwhile, noted departing Mackay were Bundaberg-based Cessna 414 VH-CBT and Shadforth's Civil Engineering Cessna 414 VH-SMX which departed to Gladstone (where Shane T photographed it below).

All these light fly-in fly-out (FIFO) and other charter aircraft made for a busy morning at Mackay Airport, which also saw the arrival and departure of the 'usual' commercial jet and turbo-prop traffic.  If there are any plane spotters or aviation enthusiasts in Mackay that would like to take photos of planes for the CQ Plane Spotting Blog please get in contact with us!!

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