Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Australian Helicopters CQ Rescue Helicopter Bell 412EP VH-CQJ Arrives in Mackay - via Rockhampton Airport

The new Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service (CQ Rescue) Australian Helicopters-operated Bell 412EP VH-CQJ has arrived into Mackay Airport on Saturday 22 June.

Local plane spotter 'IAD' captured VH-CQJ as it passed through Rockhampton Airport on its North-bound journey.  It is believed that VH-CQJ had earlier arrived from Bundaberg.

Australian Helicopters has been selected as the new helicopter provider to support both Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service (CQ Rescue), based at Mackay Airport, and Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS), based at Rockhampton Airport, to assist with emergency response on behalf of Queensland Health.

The services will transition over in July 2013 from incumbent operators at both the Mackay and Rockhampton locations which form part of the Queensland Government’s Emergency Helicopter Network (EHN).  Australian Helicopters is already a member of the EHN with its provision of a helicopter based at Horn Island covering emergency service support to the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula region of Queensland.

Australian Helicopters was selected as preferred supplier to offer increased aircraft capability, more efficient pricing and economies of scale across both locations.  The company will operate a Bell 412EP helicopter from each of the bases with an additional Bell 412 helicopter provided as a shared back-up aircraft to maximise the availability of the service.

It is also worth noting that the Australian Helicopters base at Gladstone Airport has recently been closed down, with all previously resident helicopters - including Aerospatiale AS.350BA VH-HQO - gone, and the hangar and building facilities have been emptied.

File photo taken by Jamie C  ©

Big thanks to 'IAD' for capturing and sending through the first images of this new chopper for Central Queensland.

Photos taken by ‘IAD’  ©

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