Saturday, June 22, 2013

Learning to Fly with Gladstone Flight Training and Air Charter Jabiru J-170 24-5229

With the weekend upon us comes a wonderful time to stop and relax...  but not for the recently established Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter (Gladstone Flight Training).  Over the course of a recent weekend, local plane spotters Jamie C and Tash C captured a number of lovely images of Gladstone Flying Training' Jabiru J-170 24-5229 as it conducted numerous flights around, and approaches into Gladstone Airport.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that the Jabiru has again been fitted out with a GoPro camera - as we highlighted in an earlier post (LINK HERE) Gladstone Flight Training will attach a camera to an aircraft on occasion for the purpose of using the images as a reference to students.

Both Jamie and Tash have commented that even though the commercial action and amount of unusual visitors is less on the weekends at Gladstone Airport, the Gladstone Flight Training aircraft can be often seen in the air with students of all ages taking to the sky.  The new school run by Gladstone local and chief flying instructor John-Jon Roberts, is proving convenient for students who previously had to travel to Bundaberg or Rockhampton for flying lessons.

We thank both Jamie and Tash for sending through these lovely photos from a lovely weekend of flying!

For more information about Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter, they can be contacted at the flying school at Gladstone Airport, or by phone on 0408 984 007, or by email .  Their website can be found at .

Photos taken by Jamie C and Tash C  ©


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