Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maryborough Aero Club Members Fly Into Gladstone Airport Sunday

The Gladstone Aero Club weekly gathering at Gladstone Airport had some special visitors from the Maryborough Aero Club on Sunday 23 June.

First to touch down at Gladstone was Flysynthesis Texan Top Class 600 LSA 24-5204.  After the gathering, it departed again to the South.

Fantasy Air Allegro 2000 19-7112 was next to arrive and taxi to the Aero Club meeting.

Ibis Magic GS700 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) 19-7656 and 19-7666 both arrived. Sources indicate that the Ibis Magic GS700 is a Colombian designed ultralight and light-sport aircraft produced by Ibis Aircraft of Cali, Columbia.  Aircraft are supplied as either a kit for amateur construction or as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. Maryborough-based Ibis Pacific has become the local authorised selling agent.  

Lastly, Maryborough-based Beech A36 VH-MTM was also spotted.

There were also some locally-based aircraft attending the Gladstone Aero Club gathering on Sunday 23 June including Rockhampton-based Jabiru J-160 19-5099.

Locally-based Rutan Long-Ez VH-LEX is pictured departing and later returning on a local flight during the gathering.

Finally, a familiar sight in the form of Old Station-based 1962 Cessna 150B VH-RWM was spotted in attendance at Gladstone Airport.

Sincere thanks to both Jamie C and Tash C for their excellent coverage of an enjoyable morning at the Gladstone Aero Club.

Photos taken by Jamie C and Tash C  ©

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