Sunday, June 2, 2013

Extension of Air Traffic Control Services at Rockhampton Airport - Introducing "Rocky Approach"

From late last week, there have been some significant changes to Rockhampton airspace with the associated Control Area Steps now active 24-hours-a-day, and the introduction of "Rocky Approach" on 123.75.

The Control Zone has also changed from a 6nm circle to an oval 6nm from each end of Runway 15/33 at Rockhampton Airport.

During Rockhampton Tower coverage hours, air traffic control will continue to be provided by the Tower below 4500ft in the Class D airspace surrounding Rockhampton.

Outside of Tower hours, the Class D airspace will become Class E airspace above 700ft and Class G airspace/CTAF at or below 700ft.

An approach control service at Rockhampton has also commenced and is provided by Brisbane Centre and is being referred to as "Rocky Approach".  Rocky Approach will operate on 123.75 and will also provide an air traffic control service in the Class C airspace surrounding Rockhampton at 8500ft and below.

Additionally, according to AirServices Australia AIP SUP H32/13, a clearance will also now be required before aircraft enter the runway when on the ground at Rockhampton Airport.

The Rockhampton Aero Club has obtained copies of the new procedures - along with an accompanying map - and local pilots and aviators are encouraged to pop into the Rockhampton Aero Club building at the General Aviation area - off Canoona Road - at Rockhampton Airport.

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