Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some Spectacular Photos from Gladstone Flight Training and Air Charter Jabiru J-170 24-5229

Gladstone residents now have a local opportunity to learn to fly a plane with the recently established Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter (Gladstone Flight Training).

Gladstone local and chief flying instructor John-Jon Roberts will guide would-be pilots through the extensive course, which includes both theoretical and practical training, based at their new training centre at Gladstone Airport.  The new school will prove convenient for students who previously had to travel to Bundaberg or Rockhampton for flying lessons.

Recently, Gladstone Flight Training's Jabiru J-170 24-5229 was photographed by local plane spotter Jamie C wearing a GoPro camera attached to the rear of the aircraft.  Gladstone Flight Training will attach a camera to an aircraft on occasion for the purpose of using the images as a reference to students.

Jamie has been fortunate enough to strike-up a good rapport with Gladstone Flight Training, and they have recently sent him some spectacular images from two recent flights over Gladstone that were captured with the GoPro camera.

One set of images is from a morning flight:

The other set shows a spectacular late afternoon flight over the port city:

Absolutely fantastic photos - we sincerely thank Gladstone Flight Training for sending through the images and for allowing Jamie to share them with us at the CQ Plane Spotting Blog!

For more information about Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter, they can be contacted at the flying school at Gladstone Airport, or by phone on 0408 984 007, or by email .  Their website can be found at .

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