Friday, June 14, 2013

The Central Queensland Gliding Club

Ash B follows the CQ Plane Spotting Blog, and recently I noticed that he enjoys flying around the skies of Central Queensland in an aircraft without an engine!

Ash is a member of the Central Queensland Gliding Club, and has sent through some spectacular photos and some information on this little known but popular club for aviators in Central Queensland.

The Central Queensland Gliding Club is based at Dixalea, off the Burnett Highway, about 83 kilometres from Rockhampton, just south of Dululu.  It is the closest gliding operation to Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald.

The club has a 1700 metre grass/gravel strip (Runway 06/24), a clubhouse, bunkhouse, caravan park and hangarage is available. The club owns the airfield.

Visitors are always welcome, and are invited come and join the club at the clubhouse on a flying day and experience the thrill of flight in one of their gliders.  Alternatively, if you've ever thought of learning to fly, the Central Queensland Gliding Club offers "comprehensive training in all aspects of gliding, from training you for your first solo flight, to cross country flying. Their experienced instructors volunteer their time, allowing them to offer the cheapest possible entry into aviation ... and it's lots of fun too!"

Contact the Central Queensland Gliding Club at CQGC11@GMAIL.COM to become involved, or visit their website at .

The Central Queensland also has a selection of photographs posted in their Flickr page which can be view at .

A sincere thanks to Ash for sending through the information and fantastic photographs from the Central Queensland Gliding Club - I know I certainly had heard about it but never actually knew too much the Club! Thanks mate!

Photos taken by Ash Burggraaff  ©

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