Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Toll Freight Aviation ATR 42-300F VH-TOX Two Surprise Visits to Mackay Airport

A surprise visitor to Mackay Airport twice on Tuesday 5 November was Toll Freight Aviation ATR 42-300F VH-TOX which initially made an early morning arrival from Brisbane while operating as TFX6.  The flight usually now bypasses Mackay Airport and continues direct to Townsville.

File photo

After an hour on the ground, VH-TOX departed Mackay Airport and indeed continued to Townsville again as TFX6.

VH-TOX then departed Townsville and 'diverted' back into Mackay Airport.  This time it was flying as TFX5.  It later continued South to Brisbane.

The exact reason for the 'diversions' is unclear but it appears that no 'usual' Toll Freight Metro aircraft arrived into Mackay Airport early on Tuesday 5 November so the visit may well have been planned.

VH-TOX did something similar in the middle of October - as shown above!

Photo taken by 'JM'  ©

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