Monday, March 21, 2022

Various Australian Army Helicopters Spotted Coming and Going at Rockhampton Airport Heading Home to Townsville Following Operation Flood Assist 2022

On Monday 21 March, several Australian Army helicopters were spotted passing through Rockhampton Airport while seemingly heading back to Townsville from the South-East corner where they were involved with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) response to major flooding incidents in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  

Defence has been supporting Queensland and New South Wales Governments under Operation Flood Assist 2022 since late February.   At the peak of Operation Flood Assist 2022, approximately 7000 ADF personnel were available for tasking in Queensland and New South Wales. 

Australian Army marked (Helicorp) Leonardo S.P.A. Helicopters (Agusta) AW139 Helicopter VH-YBG was flying as "Angel 31" and arrived into Rockhampton Airport from the Oakey Army Aviation Centre.  After taking on fuel, it then departed to Townsville. 

During the latter part of the morning three Australian Army Boeing CH-47F 'Foxtrot' Chinook helicopters arrived together also from Oakey flying as "Patriot".  They were identified as A15-305, A15-306 and A15-302.

After taking on fuel, they made a spectacular departure, flying together to Townsville.

And Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters A40-009 as "Trooper 61" and A40-027 as "Trooper 60" both departed separately from Oakey bound for Rockhampton Airport.  It seems however, that A40-027 returned to Oakey and was 'replaced' by A40-039 which then departed Oakey and landed at Rockhampton Airport, joining A40-009.  It actually appears that A40-009 and A40-039 have stayed at Rockhampton Airport for the night.

UPDATE!  On Tuesday 22 March, both MRH-90 helicopters A40-009 and A40-039 completed three flights from Rockhampton Airport to the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) and back in formation as "Legion".  They then both returned to Oakey as "Trooper 61" and "Trooper 60" respectively.

Photos taken by Steve Vit and John Lee  ©
Additional photos are Defence Images...

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