Friday, June 5, 2020

Nauru Airlines Boeing B737-300 VH-PNI Pops into Mackay Airport on Yet Another Charter Flight

On Friday 5 June, Nauru Airlines Boeing B737-300 VH-PNI was noted visiting Mackay Airport on what appears to be the eighth in a series of closed charter fights to the region from and back to Brisbane.

File photo

The colourful little Boeing touched down at Mackay Airport from Brisbane as RON938 and returned to the capital soon after as RON939.

Meanwhile, also noted completing a closed charter flight into Mackay Airport, also on Friday 5 June, was Corporate Air / Vee H Aviation SAAB 340Bs VH-VEP.  It arrived from Brisbane and departed Emerald Airport before returning to the capital.

Of interest, fellow Corporate Air SAAB 340B VH-VEF was also noted visiting Emerald Airport from Brisbane, also on Friday 5 June.

Photo taken by Lloyd Fox  ©

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