Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Regional Express (REX) SAAB 340B VH-ZLG Spotted at Rockhampton Airport

On Tuesday 30 June, Regional Express (REX) SAAB 340B VH-ZLG was spotted at Rockhampton Airport on what is believed to be its first ever visit to the beef capital.  It had earlier arrived from Brisbane as RXA9882 on the weekly closed charter flight which then departs to Richmond as RXA9282.

As 'usual' VH-ZLG was due to call into Emerald Airport from Richmond but didn't instead continuing directly back to Brisbane.

Fellow REX SAAB 340B VH-ZRB was also in the region, also on Tuesday 30 June, with it visiting Emerald Airport before it too ultimately visited Richmond.  VH-ZRB initially flew into Emerald Airport from and back to Brisbane on behalf of Pel-Air Aviation as PFY9872/3 before it then flew to Richmond as PFY9280.  VH-ZRB then did have to call into Emerald Airport from Richmond before it then returned to Brisbane as PFY9881.

Finally, also early on Tuesday 30 June, local plane spotter Steve V was also able to capture some photos of Pel-Air Aviation SAAB 340 Freighter VH-KDB as it visited Rockhampton Airport.  It was flying as PFY7416/8 and arrived from Brisbane and later departed to Mackay Airport where it spends the day parked.

VH-KDB returned to Rockhampton Airport and then Brisbane later in the evening on Tuesday 30 June as PFY7415/7.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Steve V for allowing us to share these great photos!

All photos taken by Steve Vit  ©

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