Friday, April 13, 2012

Security Screening Soon to be Installed at Emerald Airport

Also noted by me this week as I flew through Emerald Airport was the much talked about security screen check-point, which is finally showing signs of becoming a reality.

These recent photos show its position - at the 'main' entrance of the passenger waiting area.

With the installation of the security screening check-point in this location, and the further growth of passenger numbers passing through Emerald Airport, the Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) has decided to make changes to the layout of the (only) recently redeveloped terminal building.

Essentially, the bigger passenger waiting area will be 'separate' from the remainder of the terminal.

Passengers will check-in at the usual spot on the far Western end of the terminal building, before proceeding through an undercover walkway to the security screening check-point at the entrance of the passenger waiting area. The second photo below shows a dividing 'wall' is being installed.

Inside this area, there appears to be a very small kiosk counter being installed - off the left of this photo.

Other developments I noted this week included further expansion/installation of the hire car desks near the baggage collection area.

Additional car parking facilities for the hire car companies is also being added - although as my recently published photos showed - perhaps further expansion of the 'public' car parking facilities should be a priority!!

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