Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pacific Aerospace (PAC) 750XL ZK-KNP Lands at Longreach Airport

Late on Tuesday 12 July, Pacific Aerospace (PAC) 750XL ZK-KNP was noted arriving into Longreach Airport from the Gold Coast.  It arrived there from Hamilton (New Zealand) and Lord Howe Island on Saturday 9 July.

ZK-KNP is scheduled to depart Longreach Airport early on Wednesday 13 July for Darwin - and most likely ports further on.

Of interest, ZK-KNP is the third PAC 750XL to pass through Queensland on delivery flights to different parts.  Most recently, P2-SDA (ex ZK-KNT) flew from New Zealand to the Gold Coast Wednesday 6 July and continued to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for Adventist Aviation Services on Thursday 7 July.  And in late June, ZK-KDC departed the region on a delivery flight to a parachute operator in Poland (where it was later registered SP-PAC). After earlier arriving from New Zealand, ZK-KDC flew from the Gold Coast to Alice Springs on Sunday 26 June.

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