Monday, July 25, 2016

A Triple Treat of Toll Freight Aviation Metro Cargo Planes at Emerald Airport Monday Morning - Due to Diversions!

A couple of diversions saw a triple treat of Toll Freight Aviation / Toll Express Metro cargo aircraft at Emerald Airport in the early hours of Monday 25 July.

File photo

The 'usual' TFX110 freight run to Emerald Airport was operated by Metro III VH-UZW and operated the normal route from Brisbane via Biloela / Thangool Airport.

The 'extra' Toll Metros were Metro 23 VH-UZN which operating as TFX130 from Brisbane to Mackay Airport.  After some holding around Mackay, it was unable to land due to fog and diverted to Emerald Airport.  VH-UZN later departed Emerald for Mackay and landed successfully.  It then continued to Richmond and Mount Isa.

And Metro III VH-UZP (pictured above) was operating as TFX108 from Brisbane to Rockhampton Airport and diverted to Emerald enroute due to more fog at Rocky.  It departed Emerald for Cairns and then Townsville.

Of interest, the evening Toll freight runs were changed due to VH-UZP not visiting Rockhampton Airport in the morning.  VH-UZP operated as TFX103 from Townsville to Rocky and then Brisbane.

VH-UZW departed Emerald Airport as TFX111 and flew direct to Brisbane bypassing Rockhampton Airport.

Finally, its worth mentioning that the General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) AeroCommander 500-S aircraft that is based at Emerald Airport and operates the week-daily freight run to Barcaldine and Longreach and back has been 'swapped out' over the weekend.

On Friday 22 July VH-UJX, which had been operating out of Emerald Airport for some weeks now, positioned to Brisbane.  Then late on Sunday 24 July, fellow GAM AeroCommander 500-S VH-MEH positioned into Emerald Airport from Brisbane.  Early on Monday 25 July, VH-MEH was noted operating from Emerald to Barcaldine and Longreach Airports.

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