Monday, September 5, 2022

Conair Aerial Firefighting Dash-8-Q400MR C-FFQE Arrives into Bundaberg Airport for the 2022 Bushfire Season

On Monday 5 September, Canadian-based Conair Aerial Firefighting Dash-8-Q400MR C-FFQE was noted arriving into Bundaberg Airport ahead the upcoming Queensland bushfire season.  It touched down direct from Melbourne (Avalon) where it has been stored since February.

This is the third year that the Canadian aircraft and crew members of the Large Air Tanker (LAT) have been deployed to Bundaberg Airport, meaning the state will again not have to borrow aircraft from other states to fight dangerous bushfires.

Again this year, the Dash-8 will be based at Bundaberg Airport and take up the radio callsign of "Bomber 141".  It will be based in Bundaberg for Queensland’s next three bushfire seasons and will be sent to Victoria again for its fire season, which coincides with Queensland’s wet season.

The Dash-8 has a 670km/h travel time meaning the bomber can quickly reach other parts of the state if needed, potentially saving lives and communities all over Queensland. It is able to fly the 300-kilometre direct journey from Bundaberg to Brisbane in 30 minutes at top speed.

UPDATE!  On Wednesday 7 September, recently re-registered Agair Logistics P/L Gulfstream Aerospace (AeroCommander) 695-A JetProp 1000 VH-LMC "Birddog 125" was noted arriving into Bundaberg Airport from Stawell in Victoria.  It is assumed that it will again provide airborne support for C-FFQE during this coming bushfire season.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Hayden M-A for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by Hayden Matthew Alexander  ©

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