Friday, October 28, 2022

Several Corporate Bizjets and Turboprops Spotted Around Various Central Queensland Airports - Plus More!

On Friday 28 October, Arcturus Group P/L / Flight Options (Australia) Dassault Falcon 2000EX bizjet VH-EWB was spotted as it arrived into Gladstone Airport from Sydney.

At the time of writing, it appears that VH-EWB is staying for at least the night.

UPDATE!  On Sunday 30 October, VH-EWB departed Gladstone Airport and returned to Sydney.

Down the road at Maryborough Airport, Air Charter Services / Flight Options (Australia) Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 bizjet VH-VKX was spotted visiting from Brisbane.

While Avcair Embraer 500 Phenom 100EV bizjet VH-NJR arrived into Maryborough Airport from Brisbane and later returned there but via the Sunshine Coast.

A nice pair of Phenoms at Maryborough - and a nice *TRIO* of Embraers!!

Balmoral Air Dassault Falcon 2000LX bizjet VH-WIO returned to Hamilton Island Airport from Bankstown after also visiting yesterday.

UPDATE!  On Saturday 29 October, VH-WIO departed Hamilton Island Airport and returned to Bankstown.

Falcon Air (NSW) Cirrus Design Corp. SF50 Vision Jet VH-LCR (ex N755DS) flew up to the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour from the Gold Coast before then flying across to Hamilton Island Airport.

UPDATE!  On Saturday 29 October, VH-LCR departed Hamilton Island Airport for Newcastle (Williamtown) and then Bankstown.

McDermott Aviation Group / Machjet International Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 bizjet VH-SUY flew up Hamilton Island Airport once again from the Sunshine Coast before then flying across to the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour.  It then departed to Sydney.

Gulf Aircraft Textron Aviation (Cessna) 208 Caravan VH-PYO was also spotted at the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour after arriving from Brisbane on Tuesday 25 October.

UPDATE!  On Saturday 29 October, VH-PYO departed the Whitsunday Airport and returned to Brisbane.

Beech A36 Bonanza VH-DBO flew down from the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour to Rockhampton Airport and then Archerfield.  It had flown North to Bowen Aerodrome and down to Shute over the last couple of days.

And American-registered Cirrus SR22 N108CP returned to the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour from the Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, also on Friday 28 October, Beech 58 Baron VH-KGK flew up from Archerfield to Emerald and Longreach Airports before then heading to Mount Isa and down to Bourke and Orange.

Private (New South Wales) Raytheon B200 King Air VH-MHV called into Emerald Airport while appearing to fly down from Lizard Island to Bankstown.  It had flown North of Tuesday 25 October.

One we haven't seen for a while with re-registered MH George Properties Cessna 340A VH-SPS noted departing the Goonoo Feedlot near Comet for Watts Bridge.  It looks like to also visited last week.

Brisbane-based Beech 95-E55 Baron VH-TTL visited Rockhampton Airport from Archerfield.

Machjet (Machjet International) Beech B200C King Air VH-PUY appeared to call into Rockhampton Airport from Mount Isa before then departing to Cairns.

And fellow Machjet International Raytheon B200 King Air VH-NSN looked to fly down from Cairns and Townsville to Mackay Airport before then heading down to Brisbane.  

It then flew up to Rockhampton Airport before continuing directly to Cairns.  Perhaps this was the Queensland Police flight for the day?

Photos taken by Glenn Lloyd, David Geck and 'TM'  ©

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