Friday, October 28, 2022

Australian Army (Helicorp) Leonardo S.P.A. Helicopters (Agusta) AW139 Helicopters VH-YBF & VH-YBG Both Ferry Back to Townsville via Emerald Airport

On Friday 28 October, the two Australian Army marked (Helicorp) Leonardo S.P.A. Helicopters (Agusta) AW139 helicopters VH-YBF and VH-YBG were spotted passing through Emerald Airport while heading home to Townsville from the Oakey Army Aviation Centre.

VH-YBF was heard using the radio callsign of "Warhorse 209" while VH-YBG was "Warhorse 232".

Both Agustas flew South to Oakey via Rockhampton Airport last Sunday 23 October - see Blog post below.

All photos taken by 'AC' ©

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