Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wagga Air Centre (Mabena) SOCATA TBM-850 VH-PVM at Bundaberg and Mackay Airports

Noted arriving into Bundaberg Airport on Wednesday 16 January was Wagga Air Centre (Mabena) SOCATA TBM-850 VH-PVM.  After a busy day of flying, it arrived from Narrandera, having started the day at is Wagga Wagga base.

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Then on Thursday 17 January, VH-PVM departed Bundaberg Airport and paid a visit to Mackay Airport.  After spending the day on the ground, VH-PVM then departed the Sugar City and returned to Rum city.  It appears to be staying at Bundaberg Airport again for at least the night.

Of interest, VH-PVM was heard to be using the radio callsign of "Wagga Air 669" for all of its flights.

UPDATE!  On Saturday 19 January, VH-PVM "Wagga Air 669" departed Bundaberg Airport for Narrandera and Wagga Wagga.

UPDATE!  On Sunday 20 January, VH-PVM returned to CQ, touching down at Gladstone Airport direct from Wagga Wagga.  It was noted using its registration marking as its radio callsign.

Finally, also on Wednesday 16 January, Liddle's Air Service (of Ingham) Partenavia P.68C VH-PNW was noted completing airwork around Rockhampton.  It had earlier flown down from Ingham and then spent the night parked at Rocky.  On Thursday 17 January, VH-PNW departed to Nebo Aerodrome and other parts to the North.

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