Monday, April 18, 2022

Hevilift Australia (Fixed Wing Division) (ex Toll) ATR 42-320F VH-TOQ Pops into Mackay Airport

An interesting visitor to Mackay Airport on Monday 18 April was Hevilift Australia (Fixed Wing Division) (ex Toll Freight Aviation) ATR 42-320F Freighter VH-TOQ.

File photo

It is unclear as to why the ATR visited, but it arrived into Mackay Airport from Brisbane as HT402 before continuing up to Townsville and then Cairns as HT404/6.  VH-TOQ then returned to Brisbane but as HT403.

VH-TOQ has of late, completed week-nightly freight flights between Brisbane, Bankstown and Melbourne (Tullamarine).  It operated under the 'Toll Freight' radio callsign but is owned and operated by Hevilift Australia.

Hevilift also operates fellow ATR 42-320F Freighter VH-YWX with it currently flying up and down the Queensland coast each weekday between Brisbane and Townsville.

File photo

Sadly, another ATR 42-320F Freighter VH-TOX remains parked at Brisbane and has flown since February.

Photos taken by Brodie Lawson and Lloyd Fox  ©

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