Monday, January 26, 2015

Pro-Sky Flight Training to Withdraw RA-Aus Flight Training from Gladstone Airport

News has surfaced that RA-Aus flight training at Gladstone Airport with Pro-Sky Flight Training Group will unfortunately come to an end within weeks.

At this stage, no new students will be accepted by Pro-Sky for RA-Aus flight training at Gladstone, however current students who are progressing with their flight training will be able to continue until awarded with an Recreational Pilots Certificate.

Pro-Sky will be continuing flight training from their Maryborough Airport base, along with, on occasion, Bundaberg.  More information about Pro-Sky can be obtained by visiting the groups' website .

But all is not lost for prospective pilots in the Gladstone region with Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter continuing to offer RA-Aus and General Aviation (PPL) flying training at Gladstone Airport.

For more information about Gladstone Flying Training and Air Charter, they can be contacted at the flying school at Gladstone Airport, or by phone on 0408 984 007, or by email .  Their website can be found at .

File photos taken by Michael Fleetwood  ©

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