Thursday, January 15, 2015

Queeensland Election Aircraft Head Back to Brisbane - JetGo E-135 Diverts from Bundy due Storms

Sadly the planned visit the Australia Labor Party (ALP) to Bundaberg - as mentioned below - didn't happen with their chartered JetGo Australia Embraer E-135 VH-JTG flying from Proserpine to Charleville and back to Brisbane on Thursday 15 January.

Tony Moore /

VH-JTG is shown above preparing for departure from Proserpine / Whitsunday Coast Airport early on Thursday before heading to Charleville.  From Charleville, VH-JTG was then expected to head to Bundaberg for the night but instead headed direct to Brisbane.

Local plane spotter Micah S reported that big storms passed through Bundy about the same time as VH-JTG was expected so it is possible that the decision to fly to Brisbane was a late one due to this weather.

Meanwhile, local plane spotter 'AC' captured a photo of the Liberal-National Party's (LNP) chartered  Pel Air / Regional Express (REX) SAAB 340B VH-ZRY on the ground Emerald early on Thursday 15 January.

 Photo taken by 'AC'  ©

VH-ZRY had arrived the previous day and during Thursday departed back to Brisbane.

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