Monday, July 9, 2012

Spectrem Douglas (Basler) BT-67 Turbo-67 (DC-3) ZS-ASN at Rockhampton Airport - REVISITED!

Back in Mid-May, Spectrem Douglas (Basler) BT-67 Turbo-67 (DC-3) ZS-ASN spent a couple of days at Rockhampton Airport. This extraordinary aircraft is owned by Anglo Operations and is used for mineral surveys word-wide. It is still going strong after some 60 years.

In this Post, I've decided to revisit the DC-3's arrival, as I have recently been contacted by Travis, a contractor at Rockhampton Airport, who managed to take some great photos of ZS-ASN shortly after its arrival.

I've also found a great article and video that the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin newspaper published - the link to the online article and video can be found HERE.

ZS-ASN was originally a C-47B-40-DK (Oklahoma City) and was delivered in June 1945 to the United States Air Force (USAF) and given the s/n 44-77249, tail number 477249. It then went to the RAF, and later started its civilian life with British European Airways in 1952 as G-AMNV.

Since then, its been registered all over the world, and eventually as ZS-ASN, it was fitted with magnetometer tail and wingtip housings at Toronto in 1982. It was converted to a Basler Turbo 67 in late 1992 and has Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R engines. This was Basler's 11th conversion.

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